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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Original! Breaking The Chains



Well for this new song, i made about 10 separate for drums, bass,rhythm guitars, lead guitars, top and low harmonies, and vocals......not really a big deal. I used my  Digitech rp 350, and used about 5 different effects, my recording software is Sony Vegas Pro and i used a standard rockband microphone, really good microphone because it has built in noise compressor, and noise gate....also has some built in gain, so it blends in for the screamo haha It took me about 5 days in just writing down the entire drum chart and about 2 days to record the drums. The string instruments took me a whole day to record, and the solos wer made on the spot, exept the harmonies. Vocals, this song is about letting go on people we depend on, not needing of them anymore, and how they somwhat make us and force us to need them..........sound familiar? This song is basicaly Progressice/Extreme Metal......take a Listen, Download it for free, and Leave a Comment!

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